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Team Racing Motor Oil 15W-50 Hydrosynthetic® Formula

Developed for Hydrotex’s own racing teams, Team Racing Motor Oil features extreme anti-wear protection and stability for the extreme operating conditions of high-output gasoline and alcohol fueled engines. Team Racing Motor Oil is based on shear stable polymer technology that provides a thick, friction-reducing lubricating film even at high temperature and RPMs. Its ultra-high ZDDP (Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) content protects cylinder walls, valves, cams, and tappets. An added TBN (total base number) booster protects against acidic combustion byproducts and extends oil life. Choose Team Racing Motor Oil to go further, faster.

NOTE: Team Racing Motor Oil is not recommended for on-road (non-racing) usage in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters due to its high ZDDP content. Team Racing Motor Oil is not designed for continuous use in diesel engines, but may be used for short-duration events such as tractor pulling.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1.25 in


1 U.S. qt