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The Do All Since 1946. Essential for all industrial, auto and outdoor projects.

Essentialube has thousands of uses for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, firearms, sporting equipment, garages and workshops.


No. 528 Chain, Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant

No. 528 High Speed Chain, Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant with Moly blends a robust, penetrating lubricant with a tackified thickening system that prevents drippage, sling-off, water wash-off and contaminant ingression to ensure your chains and cables are always well-lubricated. Fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide, No. 528 increases chain, sprocket, wire rope and cable life.


Ultra-Kleen™ 604 Food Grade Chain & Cable Lubricant

Ultra-Kleen 604 Food Grade Chain & Cable Lubricant provides complete protection for your roller chain, wire rope and cable applications, and is NSF H1 registered for incidental contact with food. Thickened and tackified to prevent drippage, sling-off and water wash-off , its excellent capillary action and robust anti-wear performance ensures penetration and lubrication of pins, rollers and wire strands so you can ensure safe food without having to sacrifice your equipment life or performance.



Aqua-Mate II doubles the penetration and absorption of water solutions of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and fertilizer into the soil and crops. Aqua-Mate II also prevents the build-up of deposits in tanks, lines, hoses and spray nozzles.


Ultra-Kleen™ Food Grade Drip Oil ISO 32

Ultra-Kleen Food Grade Drip Oil provides your pumps with superior rust and corrosion protection. It has a high viscosity index so that it flows consistently in both warm and cold weather. Its high oxidative stability prevents gumming and varnish formation assuring dependable lubrication. Unlike most drip oils, it is food grade, NSF/ANSI 60 Certified, NSF H1 Registered, and Kosher.



This adhesive semi-fluid lubricant keeps gear sets coated to prevent corrosion and keeps seals from leaking lubricant onto your crops. Its API GL-5 level extreme pressure additives ensure maximum wear and scuffing protection. Pivot System Grease is an excellent choice for all center pivot and linear irrigation system gearboxes manufactured by Reinke, Zimmatic, Valley Irrigation, and others.


HyFilm Hy-Rev

HyFilm Hy-Rev is a low ash, high performance lubricant for air-cooled, gasoline fueled, 2-cycle

engines.  Provides outstanding scuff protection while at the same time minimizing spark plug

fouling and ash deposit accumulation in the combustion chamber.


No. 930 Industrial Gear Lubricant ISO 220

Formulated for high film strength and oxidation stability, No. 930 keeps working even under high loads
and temperatures. No. 930’s extreme pressure protection prevents gear scuffing and micropitting and maximizes the
life of your drives. No. 930 is fortified with Resilium® adhesive/cohesive polymers to ensure gears are always covered,
protecting them from rust, corrosion and dry start-ups.